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About GreenSpec

GreenSpec lists over 2,600 of the greenest-of-the-green building products available. All products are selected by our editorial team based on our independent research assessing manufacturer claims. Our independence ensures that GreenSpec contains unbiased, quality information. GreenSpec includes key insights on the green attributes of each product and the most critical green issues for each product category. GreenSpec does not charge for listings or sell ads. If you are a product manufacturer or distributor interested in having your product listed in GreenSpec, please contact brands@designerpages.com to learn the listing process we use with our partners at DesignerPages.

GreenSpec is produced by BuildingGreen, Inc., an independent company creating knowledge and building community to inform practice. We structure our financial relationships and content partnerships to help us best achieve our mission of transforming the building industry, while maintaining the flexibility, rigor, independence, and objectivity on which our reputation is based.

Manufacturers do not pay to be listed in GreenSpec; we do not charge any evaluation fees, nor do we carry advertising on our website or in our newsletter, Environmental Building News. See more about BuildingGreen.

GreenSpec’s guidance and product listings are available by subscription at GreenSpec.com, or as part of a subscription to BuildingGreen.com.