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What Makes a Building Product Green

Even though steel conducts heat more readily than wood, steel entry doors that include foam insulation and are installed in wooden frames with quality weatherstripping generally provide better energy performance than wood entry doors. In choosing an insulated entry door, consider the R-value of the insulation, weatherstripping, and glazing materials.

GreenSpec Insights

Posted by Tristan Roberts on 04/18/2014

BuildingGreen is bringing its members changes to the industry-leading GreenSpec tool, making it easier on the eyes and faster to find products.

On April 19, BuildingGreen, Inc. rolled out a new GreenSpec tool to its members that has a...

Posted by Alex Wilson on 04/08/2014

Saving energy isn’t only about using less electricity and fuel; it’s about saving water.

In this weekly blog, I’ve focused a lot of attention on the energy-saving measures at our new home—from the...