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What Makes a Building Product Green

Concrete curing agents are coatings or admixtures that aid the set and cure of freshly poured concrete. They generally use coalescing agents to retard evaporation. Conventional products use a petroleum hydrocarbon resin base.

GreenSpec lists products made with biobased materials, low-solvent, low-VOC (50 g/l or less), water-based, or some combination of those.

GreenSpec Insights

Posted by Alex Wilson on 06/04/2014

State-of-the-art testing chambers show that liquid-applied barriers outperform more typical weather barriers comprised of flashing, tape, and membranes.

When I was in Portland, Oregon for the 2014 ...

Posted by Alex Wilson on 05/14/2014

The sleek, energy-efficient Haiku fan from Big Ass Fans will help keep us comfortable in our new house this summer

As summer heats up here, I’m looking forward to trying out the high-tech ceiling fans we...