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What Makes a Building Product Green

As building occupants, we ask a lot of both our windows and our doors. To name just a few, we want them to let light through but not let the heat out, keep bugs out but kids and pets in, look nice from the inside and outside, and last through decades of hard weather.

GreenSpec offers detailed guidance on window and door selection. GreenSpec also lists other trustworthy and useful sources of information on windows and doors, that are gathered here. Be wary of trade associations that might advocate for one solution above all others—a balanced perspective from several sources is usually more helpful.

GreenSpec Insights

Posted by Alex Wilson on 06/04/2014

State-of-the-art testing chambers show that liquid-applied barriers outperform more typical weather barriers comprised of flashing, tape, and membranes.

When I was in Portland, Oregon for the 2014 ...

Posted by Alex Wilson on 05/14/2014

The sleek, energy-efficient Haiku fan from Big Ass Fans will help keep us comfortable in our new house this summer

As summer heats up here, I’m looking forward to trying out the high-tech ceiling fans we...