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Green or Greenwash? The GreenSpec guide to building product certifications
A free webcast featuring Jennifer Atlee

It's a big, confusing world of product certifications out there, and it’s hard to know which labels are worthwhile and which ones are just a bunch of green ink. Fortunately, the experts at BuildingGreen have researched the multitude of green labels, and Jennifer Atlee summarizes this research in a one-hour webcast.

The webcast will walk you through the most important aspects of green product certifications:

  • The nine types of greenwash
  • Who is doing the certifying?
  • ISO labels — the difference between type I, type II, and type III
  • Established standards for energy performance, water efficiency, interior air quality, and more
  • Emerging standards for embodied carbon and water, toxicity, corporate sustainability, and more
  • What VOC measurements do (and don’t) tell you about interior emissions
  • Bio-based materials — are they actually an improvement?
  • The importance of product life-cycle
  • Multi-attribute certifications — a good way to get the big picture?

This free webcast will open your eyes to the wide world of greenwashing and help you make informed decisions, in spite of the marketers who are trying to lead you astray!

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