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Accutrex Custom EPDM Gaskets

AccuTrex custom manufactures EPDM gaskets in short or large production runs for weatherstripping, door and window seals, wall cladding, curtain walls, ducts, and expansion joints… Read more
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  • These products are environmentally attractive because they need to be replaced less frequently or their maintenance has very low impact, both of which can reduce costs as well as environmental impact.
    Robust answers on typical service life of products can be hard to come by, however. In GreenSpec we reserve this criterion for products where the material is clearly more durable than alternatives, such as an exceptionally traffic-resistant polyurethane floor finish. We refer to standardized tests for durability when they are available and appropriate.
    We also consider “appropriate durability”: long life is more important in a building envelope than in interior finish materials that will be replaced for aesthetic reasons. Here, reduced maintenance can be particularly important. An example is resilient flooring that doesn’t require regular waxing: an unnecessary use of resources and a health hazard.

  • Before specifying efficient heating and cooling equipment, it’s important to do what we can to reduce heating and cooling loads. Insulation is one of the key products to consider here, but because there are so many insulation products on the market, we look for additional benefits. Examples include cellulose insulation with recycled content, mineral wool insulation with no flame retardants, and fiberglass insulation with no formaldehyde binders. Other products in this area are high-performance windows and glazings, products that contribute to building airtight envelopes, products that reduce thermal bridging, and window-retrofit products.

    With products in this area under constant development, we are always refining our approach. For example, as we have learned about insulation products with hazardous flame retardants and blowing agents that have high global warming potential, we have removed those products from GreenSpec, pending manufacturing changes. We encourage building professionals to pressure manufacturers for those changes through specification language and purchasing decisions.

Peter Yost
VP, Technical Services

AccuTrex custom manufactures EPDM gaskets in short or large production runs for weatherstripping, door and window seals, wall cladding, curtain walls, ducts, and expansion joints. They are paintable and designed to withstand weather and temperature variations.

Quality weatherstripping (air-filled bulb gaskets) and structural gaskets (cellular foam) can be essential in achieving airtight, low-energy buildings. GreenSpec lists only the most durable of gaskets and weatherstripping made of Santoprene, EPDM, or silicone. Gaskets are also used in dry set glazing in commercial storefront and curtain wall construction.

Gaskets usually contain no volatile solvents and are used in areas unlikely to expose occupants to emissions. Many are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which poses few health risks to workers or building occupants. Santoprene, a cross between EPDM and polypropylene, is thought to be safe as well, but because it contains proprietary ingredients, it is difficult to assess the product’s full environmental and health impacts. However, polychloroprene (better known as Neoprene), contains a chlorinated plastic made from chloroprene, a known carcinogen and suspected persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic chemical.

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