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EnergySaver Ductless Heater

The EnergySaver by Rinnai is an 83%-efficient, sealed-combustion space heater… Read more
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  • With energy-consuming equipment, such as water heaters and refrigerators, we have good data on energy consumption and can set clear standards accordingly. In some product categories—clothes washers, for example—Energy Star standards were adopted because those standards provide a high enough threshold to represent just the very top segment of the product market (less than 10%). In other product categories—e.g., refrigerators and dishwashers—we set a higher threshold than ENERGY STAR: for example, exceeding those standards by 10% or 20%. With lighting and lighting control equipment, certain generic products qualify, such as compact fluorescent lamps and occupancy/daylighting controls, while in other categories only a subset of products qualify. In some cases, products that meet the energy efficiency requirements are excluded, because of evidence of poor performance or durability. Microturbines are included here because of the potential for cogeneration (combined heat and power) that they offer.

Brent Ehrlich
Products Editor

The EnergySaver by Rinnai is an 83%-efficient, sealed-combustion space heater. It is 20% more efficient than typical American through-the-wall gas space heaters. Rinnai offers various models offering as little as 5,500 Btu/hour, up to as much as 38,400 Btu/hour.

In highly energy-efficient homes and small commercial buildings, it is often possible to satisfy all heating demands with space heaters rather than a central, distributed heating system. Products listed here include high-efficiency, quiet space heaters.

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EAc1: Optimize Energy Performance

EAc1.3: Optimize Energy Performance—HVAC

EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance

EAp2: Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance

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