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K Pro CD Grease Remover for Concrete Surfaces

K Pro CD from Kaufman Products is a biodegradable, citrus-based cleaning formulation for removing deposits of grease, oil, and other contaminants from concrete surfaces… Read more
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  • Some materials provide a better alternative in an application dominated by products for which there are concerns about toxic constituents, intermediaries, or by-products. With the panoply of products made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants, some products are green simply because they provide an alternative. Examples of this are natural wall coverings, drain and vent piping, and roofing membranes. Some green products are free of hazards common to the product category; for example, LED lighting is inherently free of the mercury found in fluorescent lighting sources.

    However, it’s worth noting that without transparency about actual ingredients, there’s no guarantee that a product won’t have less common or less well-known hazards that the manufacturer isn’t talking about. We use Pharos’s Chemical and Material Library to assess less well-known hazards, and we encourage manufacturers to review the hazardous properties of all chemicals they use and seek out safer materials.

  • Growing and harvesting our building materials would be a great way to move toward a closed-loop system rather than a linear path from extraction to disposal. Doing so holds the promise of true sustainability and regeneration of ecosystems instead of damage to them.

    Unfortunately, biobased materials today can be at least as problematic as any other material. Intensive land use, chemical use, fuel use, nutrient runoff, and other pollution are among the impacts of agriculture; add to that competition between food crops and those used for building materials or fuel. We would like to see sustainable use of biobased materials, but improving practices and figuring out how to assess and document more sustainable practices will take a long time. There is no ready equivalent to FSC for biobased materials that aren’t wood, although certification to “organic” standards or other sustainable agriculture standards can provide guidance in some cases.

    At the same time, we don’t want to exclude biobased products that are typically responsibly sourced just because they don’t have a certification—particularly where they replace more problematic materials. GreenSpec continues to give preference to rapidly renewable alternatives to materials that present greater concerns. Examples of rapidly renewable materials in GreenSpec include linoleum, cork, and textiles such as wool, sisal, and organic cotton.

  • Once we’ve considered low-emitting products and those that prevent moisture problems, we also consider green ventilation products, filters, radon mitigation equipment, and other equipment and devices that help to remove pollutants or introduce fresh air. Because ventilation equipment is standard, we only recognize products that are particularly efficient or quiet or which have other benefits, such as heat recovery.

Brent Ehrlich
Products Editor

K Pro CD from Kaufman Products is a biodegradable, citrus-based cleaning formulation for removing deposits of grease, oil, and other contaminants from concrete surfaces. K Pro CD, which has zero VOC content and is water-soluble, penetrates surfaces, dissolving rubber tire marks, fats, and greases on floors in garages, plants, restaurants, and kitchens.

Concrete is a long-lasting material, but can require maintenance and repair—particularly when it is exposed to severe weather conditions and in structure-as-finish applications where appearance is almost as important as structural integrity.

Covering up concrete with additional cosmetic layers can increase maintenance needs significantly over the life of the structure.

Products listed here include concrete maintenance and cleaning agents made with biodegradable, biobased materials; and concrete-repair mortars with high fly-ash content.

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